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FinduSecu provide the leading security services platform in Hong Kong. Security is a common concern today, no matter on application at enterprise level or simply a private / commercial event. Capitalizing on the latest ICT, findusecu.com is able to channel the right security resources to corporates or people who are in demand of security services on our registered platform for all necessary stakeholders in an easy way.

Guarding Services

There are currently more than 150,000 licensed security personnel in the security guarding industry.  Correctly matchmaking a security monitoring job with the competent security personnel at the right timing and correct schedule is deemed important.

Register today as our Security Job Vendor (SJV) and you are able to build more flexibility in deploying right security personnel by opening an account at and put any job offer in our platform, 24 x 7.  All jobs will be listed at “Job Listing” tab at FinduSecu.com and in the FinduSecu Mobile App at reach by our registered security personnel.

Register as our Security Job Vendor (SJV) and you are able to enjoy extra benefits.

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Register today as our Professional Security Personnel (PSP) can maximize your reach and schedule to achieve the greatest return.  Successful registration will be browsed by job vendors and receive automatic job posting notice by our FinduSecu Mobile App

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Security Resources

Cooperating with authentic security media, FinduSecu present also valuable knowledge of latest security technologies and solutions available on the market.  They are free resources which can enhance quality of a professional security personnel as maneuvering technology is an inevitable part nowadays in day-to-day security job.  More modules of training will be available in future too.

Installers Listing

Installers / system integrators are welcome to register and be listed for easy search by enterprise or people in need of installation service of security solution.

Tech News

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