Fi7L-P1 Facial Recognition Panel with Long Body Temp. Detection Distance at 1.5m


Video Demo:
Fi5L-P1 Integrated Panel for Long Range Identity Accreditation by Facial Recognition with Body Temperature Detection

F17L-P1 Brochure Download:
Fi7L-P1 Integrated Body Temp Detection & Facial Recognition Panel 200902
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  1. Ideal for operation which needs both access control and personal temperature data for future analysis and connecting to 3rd party controllers
  2. Process face tracking and accurate facial recognition from as far as 2m, even under backlit environment
  3. Measure body temperature from a far distance of 1.2–1.5m
  4. Emit alert in case of abnormal body temperature detected and warn against people not wearing the mask
  5. WiFi enabled for remote set up or data retrieval via network
  6. Incorporate all functions of Fi5L-P1 which operates at shorter detection distance